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This is the New Customer Experience.

Explore 20+ Major Shifts in Customer Experience—from Big Data Analytics and Context Accumulation to Self-Actualization and Design Thinking.

Join leaders from Adobe, Sprint, Best Buy, IBM, Forrester, Econsultancy, and more as they reveal case studies, new data, and revolutionary thinking about the next step in customer experience.



A select few companies at the leading edge are pioneering the way for the New Experience Economy, creating innovative customer experiences that far transcend what’s come before.


In days of old, “customer experience” simply meant the quality of relationship between a farmer or shop owner and his or her cadre of loyal (and local) customers. But as the economy industrialized and companies globalized, serving customers required a leap in complexity and management. It wasn’t until the 1990s that customer experience underwent another evolutionary leap. “Good customer service” was no longer enough; brands needed to create memorable, almost theatrical experiences for their customers. Now, in 2011, we find ourselves poised to undergo another revolution, one in which brands must find ways of translating the feedback they receive from every customer experience into dynamic, co-creative, and evolving relationships with their loyal clientele.

By shedding light on this brave new world—a world defined by concepts like big data, cross-channel management, and real-time customer engagement—The New Experience Economy will help illuminate the challenging yet promising path to the next major stage of customer experience.